Sermon On The Mount Part 8

This is the thirteenth teaching in the series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled, Sermon On The Mount Part 8, and looks at Matthew 6:1-23. The message looks at how Jesus addresses how the God-ordained activities of giving, praying, and fasting are not meant to be earthly positioners before men but Kingdom positioners before our heavenly Father. Where we rightly position or posture our hearts before the Father and deeply connect to Him and receive grace, transformation, and empowerment to live out the lifestyle of the sermon on the mount.

Deliver Us

This is the sixth sermon in a series called “Teach Us To Pray”. This sermon from Pastor Kenny is titled “Deliver Us” and reminds us of our inability to keep ourselves from evil and that the Lord is able and willing to deliver us when we call out to Him.

Our Father

This is the second sermon in a series called “Teach Us To Pray”. This sermon from Pastor Kenny is titled “Our Father” and reminds us of a couple treasures of the kingdom, the love of our Heavenly Father, our new identity in Christ and being a member of His kingdom community.

Dust To Dust

In the message “Dust To Dust” Pastor Kenny reminded us of the upcoming season of Lent and called us to a time of focused intentional pursuit of God, to join in the kind of fasting that God desires, and to face our mortality and to feast on the truth of all that we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Community

“Kingdom Community” is the fourth sermon in the series “I Will Build My Church”. Pastor Kenny reminds us of the devotion of the early church; devotion to the apostle’s teaching, fellowship or koinonia, break bread and prayer. He called us to devote ourselves to the same and we would be transformed by His Spirit to be the community He desires us to be.