Sermon On The Mount Part 3

This is the eighth teaching in the series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled, “Sermon On The Mount Part 3”, and looks at the second half of the “beatitudes” in Matthew 5:1-12. The message focuses on the blessing that comes on those who are merciful, those who are pure in heart, those who are peacemakers, and those who are persecuted, reviled and have evil falsehoods spoken of them.

The Love of Money VS. Contentment

On this podcast, “The Love of Money VS Contentment”, Kenny and Jeremy have a conversation about the dangers and aftermath of having your heart consumed by the love of money as compared to the peace that comes with being content and grateful for what we have.

Wisdom From Above

This is the seventh sermon in a series in the letter of James that is titled, “Wisdom From Above”. Pastor Kenny reminded us of the kind of wisdom that God gives generously, and that we need to humble ourselves and draw near to God and He will draw near to us and give us grace that can change our hearts and fill us with His wisdom.