He Has Risen

In this message, He Has Risen, Pastor Kenny talks about the implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It gives us a promise of a future large-scale resurrection of believers in Christ and a promise of a present-day in-breaking of the powers of the age to come in our lives so that we as Jesus’ disciples could live a new life as His new creation.

Bread From Heaven

This is the fith sermon in a series called “Teach Us To Pray”. This sermon from Pastor Kenny is titled “Bread From Heaven” and reminds us of who is the true bread from heaven who gives us life and enables us to live the kingdom life now.

What Is Your Life?

This is the eighth sermon in a series in the letter of James that is titled “What Is Your Life?” Pastor Kenny called to recover an urgency for living now fully present in the moment realizing the moment we have been given is a good gift from above and is pregnant with all the potential of the kingdom!

Advent 2018 – God Sends Forth A Son

“God Sends Forth A Son” is the second message for the 2018 Advent season. Pastor Kenny highlights the sovereignty and providential care of God in the historical birth of Christ and reminds us of God’s providential care over our life today that continually brings for the the life of Christ in and through us.