Sermon On The Mount Introduction

This is the sixth teaching in the series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled, “Sermon On The Mount Introduction”, and looks at some foundational aspects of the Kingdom of God Jesus came teaching as to understand the Sermon on the Mount. The message focuses on the new birth and repentance that the Holy Spirit works in us that results in a new Father-Child relationship with God. Our entire Christian life needs to be understood and directed from the perspective of this new Father-child relationship.

Birth Of The Church

Birth Of The Church” is the third sermon in the series “I Will Build My Church”. Pastor Kenny reminds us that the Holy Spirit is the one makes the birth, life and mission of the church possible; and that the Holy Spirit comes to fill and empower each and every believer, baptizing them into the body of Christ and working in them to be a functional member of the local church.

Advent 2018 – God Sends Forth A Son

“God Sends Forth A Son” is the second message for the 2018 Advent season. Pastor Kenny highlights the sovereignty and providential care of God in the historical birth of Christ and reminds us of God’s providential care over our life today that continually brings for the the life of Christ in and through us.