Looking To Love

This is the third teaching in the series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled, “Looking To Love” and looks at the parable of the “Good Samaritan. Jesus uses this parable to teach the same three steps of expressing love to others as He did to the widow of Nain; where He saw her, had compassion for people, and moved to help her. Jesus confronts those listening of the things that stop them from really seeing people and that keeps them from being moved with compassion

The Compassion Of Jesus

This is the second teaching in the series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled, “The Compassion Of Jesus”, and looks at the love Jesus shows to the widow at Nain. Jesus models for us three steps in expressing compassion to others, see people, have compassion for people, and help others where they are at in the place of their pain.

The Love of Money VS. Contentment

On this podcast, “The Love of Money VS Contentment”, Kenny and Jeremy have a conversation about the dangers and aftermath of having your heart consumed by the love of money as compared to the peace that comes with being content and grateful for what we have.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

This is the first teaching in a series titled, “Knowing Jesus”. This teaching is titled “Who Do You Say That I Am”. It examines the process of growing in knowing the person Jesus; knowing His life, His heart, His teachings and His ways. It starts with the initial encounter and revelation of Jesus as the Christ and must continue until we die or Jesus returns.