Count It All Joy!

This is the first sermon in a series in the letter of James that is titled, “Count It All Joy!” Pastor Kenny reminded us that we will encounter trials and how we respond to the trial matters in our personal walk with God and how others see God through us.

By Faith

In this message, “By Faith”, Pastor Kenny challenged us to follow the model of Abraham and by faith obey God’s leading, live and trust in the word of God, acknowledge that we are strangers and exiles in this world, look for the heavenly country whose designer and builder is God, and cooperate with God as He leads us.

What Will Our Legacy Be?

In this message, “What Will Our Legacy Be?”, Pastor Kenny challenged us to consider what will we be remembered for, what will be our legacy. He reminded us that our life and our choices matter and have influence on others in the immediate and long after we are gone.

The Mighty Works Of God

In this message, “The Mighty Works Of God”, Pastor Kenny reminds us that the God who declares the end from the beginning and who accomplishes what He purposes, is still at work orchestrating His redemptive story and inviting you and me to be an active partner in His unfolding story..

You’re A Piece Of Work!

In this message, “You’re A Piece Of Work!”, Pastor Kenny reminds us of who we are in Christ and that Jesus is purposed in maturing us, the church, so that we embrace and join Him in the work that He has prepared for us to do in this time and space in history.